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Nature on IJburg

  • Vijfhoek
  • Blauwborst Diemerpark
  • Riet-orchis Diemerpark
  • Diemer Vijfhoek en IJmeer
  • Zebra-rupsen Diemerpark
  • Zwaan bij de Diemerzeedijk
  • Oeverzwaluwen bij het surfstrand
  • Steigereiland

Enjoy nature at IJburg

Experience nature on and around IJburg. Since the construction of the residential islands – about twelve years ago – nature has been developed.

On IJburg, and the areas around it, you will find parks, beaches, and swampy peat landscapes with many species of birds, flowers, rabbits, orchids, and nesting sites for grass snakes. There is also true wilderness with fallen trees, reed beds and tall grass. The banks of the IJmeer are never far away.